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Turn Business Owners Into Profit Centers

It’s no secret that business owners are an incredibly lucrative and rewarding population to serve. But what can you offer to business owners that might prove valuable to them? How can you get business owners to ask YOU to meet with them to discuss their specific situation—and rely on you for recommendations? To answer these questions, Brokers Clearing House works with Principal Financial Group, an industry leader in the business owner marketplace. Your access to The Principal’s dedicated team of legal and accounting experts through Brokers Clearing House represents an unprecedented opportunity to offer valuable services to business owners. This partnership makes it possible for you to offer two distinctly valuable services to your business owner clients and prospects:

  • You can provide a comprehensive review of their existing buy-sell arrangements to ensure that their existing plan meets the needs of their business. In the process of reviewing the plan, the evaluation specialists are often able to uncover great opportunities for you and your clients.
  • You can give them a complimentary valuation of their business. This will help them understand what their business is worth so they can determine how much insurance coverage is needed.