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The Process is designed to answer your clients most pressing questions

Finding a way to pay the expenses associated with long term care is a major concern for people who are trying to prepare for their financial future. The most well-defined and implemented financial plan can become irrelevant instantly if a client requires long term care but is not prepared to cover the cost. Fortunately, providers of long term care insurance are offering clients an array of new opportunities to minimize this risk or eliminate it completely. Our Long Term Care Evaluation Process is tailored to meet the needs of people who lack coverage as well as those who would benefit from an assessment of their existing policies.

  • What impact would an unexpected need for care have on my financial plan if I self-insure?
  • What options are available that would ensure that I don’t pay for something I don’t use?
  • How can I ensure that the cost of my insurance will never increase?
  • What plans provide me complete control over how and where I receive the care I may need?
  • What options do I have to replace my old policy with something more predictable?


 You Collect some basic Information

Our team has simplified this process by requiring a short fact finder to be completed prior to starting our evaluation. In just a few minutes you can collect the information for our team to perform a thorough evaluation of your client’s current need for Long term care coverage or an evaluation of their existing coverage.

We provide the solutions

Our team of experts will Look at your clients’ needs and any existing coverage and then exhaustively consider potential solutions that will address their needs in the most independent, comprehensive way possible. You and your client will receive a simple and easy-to-understand report detailing multiple solutions for your client to consider.