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Do you currently have a client who:

  • Must withdraw required minimum distributions from an IRA but doesn’t need them
  • Owns a business and has children
  • Is conservative and currently has money in a CD but is disappointed by the return
  • Needs to hedge their portfolio against long term care risk
  • Needs life insurance and should consider providing for long term care
  • Receives Social Security income and needs to maximize it
  • Wants to maximize the benefits of a substantial IRA

Efficient Use of Required Minimum Distributions:

Show clients how to turn their required minimum distribution into an asset for their beneficiaries while reducing their own tax burden.

Estate Equalization:

Provide clients with a strategy to ensure a smooth transition of their family-owned business to the next generation while treating everyone fairly.

Efficient Transfer of Client’s CD:

Help clients maximize their return on CD-type assets while selecting options that meet their preferences for minimizing risk and optimizing flexibility.

Protect a Client’s Portfolio Against Long Term Care Risk:

Offer clients the ability to reposition assets to shift long term care risk while retaining control and eliminating the fear of ongoing premiums.

Efficiently Obtaining Long Term Care Insurance:

Learn how a simple rider can enhance the power of life insurance and protect your clients assets from long term care risk.

Maximizing Your Client’s Social Security Income:

Provide clients with a way to use Social Security benefits to maximize the legacy they leave for their heirs.

Transferring IRA Assets Efficiently:

Create an efficient wealth transfer tool by using a strategy that combines the benefits of a stretch IRA with the advantages of life insurance planning.