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Offer Clients A Policy Performance Evaluation

Today, as you read these words, hundreds of thousands of life insurance policies are performing below client expectations and could easily be improved. So why don’t all advisors implement an insurance review process for clients and prospects who are looking to them for assistance?

For some, insurance is not their primary area of expertise. For others, tracking the necessary documentation would be exhaustive. Still others see the entire process as too time-consuming and confusing. Brokers Clearing House eliminates all of these objections so you can put your clients in a better position while adding money in your pocket.

Our turnkey process requires just five minutes of your time to initiate the review. Then our expert staff does all the heavy lifting—gathering in-force information, analyzing the policy, and creating a professionally designed report that lets you show clients how their policy is performing and how to address concerns.

A policy performance evaluation is one of the most profitable services you can offer, yet it requires very little of your time. Brokers Clearing House provides everything you need to execute this process and realize the results—without making tremendous effort or possessing life insurance expertise.