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Sell More Life Insurance

It sounds simple. It sounds easy. It sounds like a promising growth strategy. But selling life insurance isn’t always simple, easy, or something you want to spend more time doing. In fact, if you are like many insurance agents and financial advisors, you recognize that Life insurance offers a significant opportunity to better serve your clients and generate more revenue for your business – but you also realize that Life insurance isn’t your specialty and we at Brokers Clearing House understand that.

But your clients still have a need for Life insurance. If you aren’t addressing that need, what will your clients do? They will either purchase insurance from someone else, or even worse, they will fail to get the coverage they need.

Brokers Clearing House has created a solution that will help you attain more life insurance sales – without requiring you to become a life insurance expert or adding hours of work to your schedule.

Introducing BCH Concierge

BCH Concierge connects you with a BCH Life insurance expert who can provide case design strategies and handle all of the work involved in making sure your clients are covered. Regardless of how complex your clients’ needs are, your dedicated Life insurance expert will be with you every step of the way, from meeting with the client and designing the solution, to working with underwriters and seeing the case through to the finish. BCH Concierge is a partner to your business.

BCH Concierge allows you to:

  • Enhance and diversify your offerings to your clients without increasing your workload
  • Increase revenues by providing solutions your clients already need
  • Reduce the need for your clients to go elsewhere for Life insurance
  • Reduce the need for your clients to go elsewhere for Life insurance
  • Eliminate uncomfortable conversations that sometimes come with Life insurance sales
  • Strengthen client loyalty and increase your likelihood of being referred to others
  • Ensure that your clients always receive objective, independent, and customized solutions

BCH Concierge is designed for agents and advisors who know that their clients need Life insurance, but see the value in bringing an expert to the table to design and provide the best solution. If you would like to increase your Life insurance sales, you owe it to yourself and your clients to learn more about this service.

Contact us today to learn how BCH Concierge can help you and your clients!


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